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Teens & Kids Coding Bootcamp

15th August, 2022 – 2nd September, 2022

About This Course

Eko Innovation School Teens & Kids Coding Bootcamp teaches teens and young kids (age 7-16) computer skills and code and  also educate them to understand technology, the fundamentals and future of programming, and how to think digitally, and how to apply coding and programming to real-world issues. They need to start at the beginning in order to succeed in this. Therefore, regardless of your children’s age, if they are unfamiliar with the principles of technology and programming, they must begin at the beginning.

Children will learn how to program and share interactive material, such as stories, games, and animation, with others from all over the world using the Scratch programming language.

Coding uses the interest of children either in music, games, or puzzles in learning how to code. They do not need to write every line of code, instead, they use blocks to write the code.

Kids Bootcamp

Age 7 – 12

Scratch Programming
Blockly Programming

Age 13 – 16

Teens Bootcamp

Mobile App Development
Web App Development

The EIS Teens & Kiddies Coding Bootcamp program is designed to improve the digital capabilities of kids and teenagers during the summer. 

It seeks to impart practical ICT skills  and keep them engaged during the summer.