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Empower Your Tech Journey With EIT

Explore our cutting-edge programs, expert-led training, and industry-aligned curriculum to unlock your full potential in the exciting world of technology. 


Fast-track Your Aspirations to Become an Exceptional Software Developer or Designer.


Elevate Your Workforce with Professional Training Courses Tailored for Every Corporate Entity.

Eko Institute of Technology (EIT) is a leading technology workforce development startup established in 2020.

We recognize the immense potential of Africa’s youth and aim to empower them by providing in-demand technology skills and connecting them with partner firms seeking top talent and investing in workforce development. Our commitment lies in bridging the skills gap, equipping individuals with high-quality training, and fostering their growth as valuable contributors to the technology ecosystem in Nigeria and beyond.


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Discover In-demand Tech Online Courses at Eko Institute of Technology (EIT)

₦50,000 Limited Offer

Unlock Your Child’s Potential in Tech! Looking for the perfect summer experience for your kids? Look no further than Eko Institute Of Technology – From Scratch to Minecraft, Blockly to Java, HTML to Python, and Android development, we have it all! 

₦100,000 Limited Offer: 5 Slots

EIT’s Product Management course is carefully curated to equip you with the latest industry trends and strategies. You’ll dive deep into market research, competitive analysis, user experience design, and agile development methodologies. Master the art of prioritization, effective communication, and stakeholder management to ensure successful product launches and continuous innovation

₦100,000 Limited Offer: 5 Slots

In this course, you’ll delve into the world of user-centric design and gain a deep understanding of user research, empathy mapping, and creating personas. By empathizing with users, you’ll learn how to identify their pain points and design intuitive and user-friendly experiences that delight and engage.

₦70,000 Limited Offer: 5 Slots

Master the world of social media & how to leverage it for your business & career growth. Learn how to build stunning, responsive websites that convert.

₦100,000 Limited Offer: 5 Slots

Learn the basic principles of building commercially viable electronic circuits and programing Micro-controller circuits based on the Arduino Development Kit.

₦100,000 Limited Offer: 5 Slots

Start an exciting career in Data Science and be at the forefront of the data revolution. Learn BIG Data Analysis!.

Elevate Your Growth with EIT

Tech Skills

Join our Immersive Training Program and Fast-Track Your Tech Journey. Acquire In-Demand Skills for the Job Market’s Hottest Opportunities.

Flexible Tuition Payment

Ease your worries with our flexible tuition fees, ensuring affordability while pursuing your educational aspirations with confidence.

Real Work

Experience hands-on learning by actively working on projects, ensuring mastery of essential skills that pave the way for a successful career as a software engineer or in various other tech-related positions.

Blended Learning Approach

Through our blended learning model, learners have access to flexible and interactive learning experiences. Our Learning Management System (LMS) provides a centralized hub for course materials and resources.

Access Job Opportunities

Upon program completion, access our network of hiring partners and placement opportunities, ensuring a seamless transition into rewarding roles.


Embark on an entrepreneurial journey, crafting your idea into a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), while gearing up for potential investment prospects.


Certified Courses

Be equipped with hands-on knowledge and execute your learning in real-life situations. 

Certified & Professional Tutors & Mentors

Get a much more personalized learning experience to help your business or career goals.

Career Development

Acquire new skills, strategies and relevant technologies to boost your business and career.